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Work History and Resume

What we have done is often closely associated with who we are as men. However, as we grow and change, our emphasis shifts and we can lose track of our earlier life, it's accomplishments, and what they meant to us. This is my attempt to keep track of where my work skills and responsibilities were at different times in my life.

I have spent almost two decades in IT Project and Process Management, running projects, training clients, and managing educational curriculum departments. My latest resume gives a short description of what I have been involved in.

Throughout my personal and professional life I have tried to identify, refine, and objectify my core values. This Values Document reflects what I know about my self and my management style.

Often times it is the people around you who tell you how you appear to the outside world and they assist in giving feedback to help you learn and progress. This Recommendations Document has short comments by several people I have worked with over the years.

You may contact me at mike@mikedorough.net.