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Memorable and Family Photos

The internet is, in many ways, a great big scrapbook, with pictures and comments over our life. It is here that I want to put pictures from various parts of my life that I value - particularly my family and close friends.children and grandchildren

To the immediate right is Jennifer and her family. Her family lives in Oregon and consist of Aaron, Braydon, Jennifer, Caleb, and Ollie (the Dog).

To the far right is Michael and his family. His family lives in Arizona and consist of Colbie, Michael, Brooklynn, and Karly. Brooklynn is staring at the camera below.

As you can see we have four wonderful grandchildren. Each has his/her special ways.

I have broken my pictures up into categories and each category has its own page. There are only a few pictures on each page - the intent is to give the viewer a flavor of my memories.

Brooklynn Dorough