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In the beginning Mike wasn't expected to live. It wasn't a time people wanted to take pictures to remember him by. We all wanted to spend as much time as possible with him. When the doctors turned out to be wrong, it didn't mean he would instantly get better. It was a long and ongoing process, where steps are measured in very minor things. Mike can now talk and use his computer, but there are still a lot of things he is working very hard on. Each of these pictures represents a memorable moment in his progress through the hospital and care units he stayed in. We do not currently have pictures of him after he came home on March 26, 2009 because the current progress isn't measured in things we can take pictures of.

  • Mike & Marilyn before the stroke
  • Learning to swallow and to talk
  • Outside in an electric wheelchair
  • Visit from Jennifer and her family
  • First steps with a walker
  • Home at last - March 26, 2009
  • Thumbs up after regaining consciousness
  • 25 minutes on the Tilt Table
  • Staff at La Estancia
    Marilyn, Mike and staff at La Estancia
  • Last use of the Hoyer Lift
    Last use of the Hoyer Lift
  • Mike on parallel bars
    Mike on the parallel bars
  • Mike standing 28 Sep 2010