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This website is here to help others who have gone through serious trials in their lives and to remind myself of all the life I have already lived and how much I have to be thankful for.

On April 29, 2008 I suffered a massive stroke. I was unable to stand or walk but somehow managed to crawl to my bed and lay down next to my wife. She called 911 and got me to the hospital. While in ICU the next morning I stopped breathing and was rushed off for brain surgery. The doctor removed part of the cerebellum because it was damaged and was putting pressure on my brain stem - a hemorrhagic infarct. For days I was in a coma and not expected to live, couldn't talk for months, and was not able to move at all. Well, I did live, I do talk, and I can get around with a wheelchair and walker, but my experience has reinforced my faith in God and this website is one expression of that faith. Mike & Marilyn

While working my way back to 100% health - a long and ongoing process - I have had to rebuild my brain to reacquire as much of my old skills as possible. Things on this site may seem a bit fragmented, but that is how things come back - in many bits and pieces. This is not something to fear; rather it is part of the process that shows you are still making progress back to 100% health.

Along the way there are many reminders of God's influence in our lives and I have tried to copy or write articles that had particular influence on my thinking. These are linked to on the God's Wisdom page.

Since the website also serves as a central clearing house for important things in my life, I also included sections on my favorite food recipes, stories about experiences in my life or instructions for how to do things, my work history and most recent resume - before my stroke.

Finally, I also want to use this site as a family album, with pictures of my family, friends, and places I particularly want to remember.

All this is primarily for myself and my family. However, if it can help any other people trying to fight back from any kind of disaster or illness, who sometimes wonder why things seem to be going so slowly, then consider it God's plan to help those in need. Our enduring faith has brought our family through very trying times and we enjoy sharing what we have learned on this website.

You may contact me at mike@mikedorough.net.